offers a variety of methods to foster communication between No Job Survivors and aid, comfort, support, and advice:
  1. Discussion. The Discussion Forum is open to all as a conversation thread or to read and reply to others' threads. (We do reserve the right to remove threads that are way off topic or contain objectionable content.) Feel free to talk about anything you feel of interest to your peers. We do encourage you to register to able to view other user profiles and private message other registered users. You can up load pictures and include video streams from various sites and website links in your posts.
  2. Write an Article. As a registered user you will be able to post articles on the site. Think of it as your blog site if you'd like. And by all means include pictures and links back to your website or blog and contact information.  All articles will be moderated by us before being published. We may edit the article for style and clean html but we will NOT change content. If we feel the content is inappropriate, we will contact you.

  3. Comment. You can comment on any article or respond to any comment on an article. Forum posting rules apply to comments as well.
  4. Pictures and Videos. Pictures tell 1000 word stories. They range from just plain fun to "how to" guides and inspirational and thought provoking. Feel free to upload pictures and video streams of interest to your peers and you can comment on pictures and very soon, on videos. Also in the near future we will offer the capability to upload video files.  Pictures and videos are moderated so it might take a short time before they are published.
  5. Postcards. We offer a growing selection of ecards that you can send to your friends and colleagues announcing you are now free of that onerous job or thanking a close friend for their support and other subjects too.
  6. Reading and Sharing articles. We post, and hope you can too, article on many subject areas we think are of interest to No Job Survivors. Let us know if you would like to see an additional article category. The articles can be emailed, printed and bookmarked to various social networking sites. We digest news of interest from across the web, create and digest general No Job Survivor Help articles, articles on how to maintain your health and stress level, how to live well but frugally, ideas for fun --we do need fun-- and how to give back to the general community. All the article categories can be accessed from the top navigation bar or the left sidebar menus.
Please send us your ideas and feedback by contacting us.

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