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Until we escape the feedback loop of unsustainable consumerism... the reality is that job creation occurs when consumers spend money, not when robber barons amass wealth and invest in politicians and legislation to lower their taxes and favor their businesses. Endless exponential growth is a failed paradigm anyway, so why are we even arguing about the drivers of infinite consumption?

Published on May 17, 2012

CEO Cuts 25,000 Jobs, Gets a Raise

2015 was a tough year for oil driller Schlumberger. Unless you were the CEO.

The company cut 25,000 jobs during the year, or 20% of its workforce. Revenue was down 27%, and profit plunged 41%.

Schlumberger (SLB) shares tumbled 18%.

CEO Paal Kibsgaard received total compensation worth $18.3 million in 2015, the company reported, down only slightly from $18.5 million the year before. The modest drop in Kibsgaard's compensation was the result of the performance of his pension plan. His base salary and stock were up from 2014 levels. The cash he took home jumped 12% to $5.2 million.

Free parking! $21 Million isn't Enough for a Fired CEO

United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek has "resigned" under all sort of murky dark clouds. He is implicated as are other United Execs in a corruption scandal involving the really murky David Samson.

“David Samson apparently has a vacation home near Columbia, South Carolina, and one of the things unearthed is that United Airlines, allegedly, created a new route, a nonstop flight route between Newark Airport and Columbia, South Carolina, specifically at the request of David Samson, specifically to make his trips to his vacation home easier for him and his wife.

“The allegation is that he requested that United establish that convenient flight path for him, and in exchange, he would hook United up with some of the projects they wanted to do and some of the treatment that they wanted as an airline at Newark Airport.”


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$35,000 Turkey Dinner - Whats Wrong With America!


All thnksgiving dinners are equal. For a whopping $35,000 big spenders can enjoy a delicious nine course Thanksgiving Dinner. That’s $8,750 per person - and it’s being offered at Old Homestead restaurant in New York City’s Meatpacking District. But co-owner Marc Sherry says it isn’t about the money.

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Unemployed? You Must be a Druggie!

tom-corbett Republican governor of Patom-corbett Republican governor of Pa - image by - tom-corbett Republican governor of Pa
According to Tom Corbett (R) explaining why Pennsylvnia ranks 49th in the nation for job creation. The state’s unemployment rate has dropped to 7.9 percent, but the “number of people working in Pennsylvania tumbled by about 14,000 in March, following a drop of 6,000 in February.” Private employment has remained flat for 13 months, “growing by a mere 1,000 jobs” and landing the state “49th in the nation for job creation during March.”

The reason why less people are working. Drugs......

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