• GOP senator eyes ban on states’ single-payer systems

    Republican Sen. John Kennedy (La.) is reportedly eyeing a ban on state single-payer health care systems in the new GOP ObamaCare repeal bill.

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  • Our President, the White Supremacist

    The President of the United States is a white supremacist. He is not just a defender or apologist for bigots and hatemongers. He is one of them, and no one who’s been paying attention can be shocked to learn this. Here's what that means....

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  • The GOP’s 100-Year War Is Bigger Than Taxes or Trump

    The new year had barely started when the world got new grist for the ‘Trump-is-crazy’ mill, one of the few American industries to experience a boom since Trump became president.

    Michael Wolff’s profile of the current White House, “Fire and Fury,”  is filled with rumors and backbiting. But the book, and the president’s unhinged reaction to it, provi...

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