• 2014 Continues a 35-Year Trend of Broad-Based Wage Stagnation

    Introduction and executive summary

    Last year was yet another year of poor wage growth for American workers. With few exceptions, real (inflation-adjusted) hourly wages fell or stagnated for workers across the wage spectrum between 2013 and 2014—even for those with a bachelor’s or advanced degree.

    Of course, as EPI has documented for...

  • Fat Cat Tuesday: A Commemoration of CEO Excess

    Fat Tuesday is Mardi Gras, a day of revelry, gluttony, intoxication and showers of shiny plastic beads. It is the party to end all parties because it’s followed by Ash Wednesday, when Lenten sacrifices commence.

    Fat Cat Tuesday is the day – Jan. 2, 2018 – on which the boards of directors of America’s biggest corporations handed their CEOs more mone...

  • Why Taxing Capital Income Makes Sense

    Rising income inequality has had an adverse impact on tax revenues. Income inequality is rising not only because wage inequality has been rising but also because capital income inequality has been rising. High-income individuals own the great majority of capital and receive most capital income.

    National income is split between labor’s share...

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