• Free parking! $21 Million isn't Enough for a Fired CEO

    United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek has "resigned" under all sort of murky dark clouds. He is implicated as are other United Execs in a corruption scandal involving the really murky David Samson.

    “David Samson apparently has a vacation home near Columbia, South Carolina, and one of the things unearthed is that United Airlines, allegedly, created a new route, a nonstop flight route between Newark Airport and Columbia, South Carolina, specifically at the request of David Samson, specifically to make his trips to his vacation home easier for him and his wife.

    “The allegation is that he requested that United establish that convenient flight path for him, and in exchange, he would hook United up with some of the projects they wanted to do and some of the treatment that they wanted as an airline at Newark Airport.”


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