The guaranteed annual raise is increasingly a thing of the past--one reason wages have stagnated overall in recent decades.  For the decades before 2000, salaries went up about 4.1 percent a year, according to data by Aon Hewitt.  But in the last four years, even as companies have ...

BLS Latest Job Numbers

  • 12.3 million - unemployed,
  • 14.4%(U6) - out of work,
  • 4.7 million (40%) 6 months or longer,
  • 8.0 million "involuntary" partime workers,
  • Over 4 million for a year, (WSJ)
  • 2.0  million over 99 weeks, the 99ers!
  • 4.7 jobless for every job. EPI

~ U.S. January 2013 -Bureau Labor Statistics

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