Arianna Huffington denies Franken behaved inappropriately in response to new photos
Arianna Huffington is denying that anything inappropriate occurred after The New York Post's Page Six on Monday published images that appear to show Sen.Al Franken (D-Minn.) groping her during a photoshoot in 2000....

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Whitefish stops work on Puerto Rico power grid over payment dispute
Whitefish Energy, which is under scrutiny over how it was selected for work in Puerto Rico, is halting its efforts on the island's power grid because it says the local power authority owes it millions of dollar...

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BLS Latest Job Numbers

  • 12.3 million - unemployed,
  • 14.4%(U6) - out of work,
  • 4.7 million (40%) 6 months or longer,
  • 8.0 million "involuntary" partime workers,
  • Over 4 million for a year, (WSJ)
  • 2.0  million over 99 weeks, the 99ers!
  • 4.7 jobless for every job. EPI

~ U.S. January 2013 -Bureau Labor Statistics

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