Thursday, January 29, 2015

Steve Scalise 600
Steve Scalise 600
Scalise has said that speaking to the David Duke's European-American Unity and Rights Organization was a mistake he regretted.
"I reject bigotry of all forms," Scalise said at a Capitol Hill news conference Wednesday. "And I think when you see the people that know me best, both here and especially back home, people I've served with, including people that I've been on opposite ends politically with, who know the truth and know what's in my heart, they're the ones who I think speak the best."

Lets look at a bit of his voting record:

Apparently his herat isnt connected to his voting finger. 

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Last week, Washington, and talking heads, greeted October's jobs report with a fanfare and proof of teh "recovery." But today, five years after the economy officially went into “recovery,” three million people remain among the ranks of the long-term unemployed — jobless for 27 weeks or more. That number is down from its 2010 peak, but as the Economic Policy Institute’s David Cooper noted earlier this year, it still “far exceeds pre-Great Recession levels in virtually every state.”

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She dreamed of the bustling streets of Los Angeles and the leafy towns of Pennsylvania. She dreamed of working two jobs, not three. She dreamed of sleeping, really sleeping, for six or seven hours at a stretch.

But dreams rarely pay the rent. So Ms. Fernandes worked three jobs, at three Dunkin’ Donuts stores in northern New Jersey, shuttling from Newark to Linden to Harrison and back. She often slept in her car — two hours here, three hours there — and usually kept the engine running, ready in an instant to start all over again.

She was found motionless in her car parked and pronounced  dead still in her Dunkin' Donuts uniform from accidental gas inhalation. 

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BLS Latest Job Numbers

  • 12.3 million - unemployed,
  • 14.4%(U6) - out of work,
  • 4.7 million (40%) 6 months or longer,
  • 8.0 million "involuntary" partime workers,
  • Over 4 million for a year, (WSJ)
  • 2.0  million over 99 weeks, the 99ers!
  • 4.7 jobless for every job. EPI

~ U.S. January 2013 -Bureau Labor Statistics

Tax Cuts Will NOT Help The Unemployed


With corporations already awash in cash, tax cuts won’t get them to start hiring people. The Washington Post quotes Zachary Karabell, president of River Twice Research: "There's not a whole lot that you could do to entice companies to hire. You could cut taxes on them, but they're not going to hire just because they have the extra cash, because they already have the extra cash."
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